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Computers and software are getting more capable and in many ways more complicated all the time. I see and hear a great deal of frustration from many very intelligent people that simply want to do their jobs and be productive instead of fighting their computer. To me these are opportunities to help by using my experience 'in the trenches' to smooth out rough edges and provide the patches, fixes, and/or work-arounds to keep you up and running. We guarantee results in defining and troubleshooting system problems and getting the answers to the tough technical issues that sometimes defy explanation. Whether on site or remotely, if you are looking for an honest, ethical, first line of defense against computer chaos, give us a try.

Typical support options provided include:

  • Internet, DSL, Wireless, and Router Cfg

  • E-mail, web and browser support.

  • Software installation.

  • PC purchase, upgrades and repair.

  • DOS, Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista systems.

  • Local, remote, and network printing.

  • Windows Peer & Server based networks.

  • Virus / Spyware Protection & Removal

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