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Custom Application Development

I always encourage people to try to find off the shelf, or canned software as the first option when looking for a program to meet a specific need. If you have already tried that with poor results, or cannot find a program that satisfactorily meets your goals, it may be that a custom program is a viable option for you. When the conditions are right, we have developed programs based on a combination of Visual Basic and Excel Macros that have met our customers needs much more closely than a canned program could. If you have been frustrated by efforts to find a program that lets you work the way you want to, we may be of assistance in providing a solution.

Types of Custom Programs include:

  • In-house Estimating for Heavy/Highway Construction.
  • Plant Production and Inventory Tracking for a Nursery.
  • Material Tracking, Billing, and Timecard Entry for Trucking.
  • Daily Job Costing for Construction Projects.
  • Truck Haul/Load Tracking & Species Inventory for Logging.

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